Advanced Privacy Mode On

Your Search Privacy

Advanced Privacy Mode encrypts your search terms and search URL, masking your search intent from third parties.

OneSearch does not protect your privacy on other websites, including third-party websites you visit when clicking links in your search results list.

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Not a single cookie crumb.

Cookies follow you around and stalk everything you do. It's how the internet targets you with ads. OneSearch doesn't use cookies. Period. Your privacy is our first priority. Learn More

We don't track you.

OneSearch doesn't track you or your personal data. There's no retargeting based on your search terms. No sharing of your user profile. No retargeted ads ever. Learn More

History is a thing of the past.

OneSearch doesn't save or use your search history for ad targeting. Simple as that. Learn More

Extra protection with encryption.

Enter a search term, and we'll encrypt it. Normally, your search terms appear in the URL, available for anyone to track or exploit. With OneSearch's Advanced Privacy Mode, your search terms won't be spelled out for the entire world to see. On top of that, any links you share with search results will expire in an hour. Learn More

Pure unfiltered results. Always.

Who said search results should live in bubbles? OneSearch doesn't use your habits or profile data to filter search results. That gives you a wider, deeper range of information without bias. Learn More

Links that don't go wandering.

When you share links with others to your search results, the link will conveniently expire within the hour. Learn More